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Front End Service


  • System Restoration:
    Our State-of-the-Art front end repair system insures that your vehicle.. including everything you can’t see .. is restored to peak safety, performance and handling requirements.

  • Experience is Key:
    Our experienced estimators use a detailed checklist coupled with a close personal inspection to make sure our damage appraisal will provide the blueprint necessary to return your vehicle to its original condition.

  • Certified:
    Our highly experienced ASC certified technicians specialize in restoring today's cars to factory specifications, using the highest quality auto parts, and equipment.

*Certified Auto Repair isn't a shop name, a chain of stores or even a franchise. Certified Auto Repair embodies a standard of quality held by a nationwide network of the most respected auto repair facilities in the industry. Our members are asked to join based on reputation, integrity, qualifications and expertise. Certified Auto Repair members will not only take care of all your vehicle needs, but do it with professionalism and a level of customer satisfaction second to none.


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